Search Engine Optimization

What does SEO do?

  • Promote your productin communities that are interested and talk about your product or similar products or competing products
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Increased brand awareness On the fifth page optimization
  • Increase back links
  • Low Cost Solution
  • The higher ranking on search engines
  • Keyword Research
  • Achieve greater market

A website created professionally is a combination of creativity and technology. We are the masters in creating professional and elegant websites. Our focused team take risks to produce outstanding results for the clients.

It's a passion to see their website to be in top pages of SEO list. If a client needs his website to be in the top ranked pagesthen SEO is the only way for the companies to get recognized .

SEO involves in selecting the best suitable keywords that target the search engine traffic in the particular business areaunderstanding search engine algorithmspolicies and guidelines.

It is very crucial for a company to take a rank in the most important search engines in the web. Our SEO team follows certain parameters and quality standards to ensure that we tailor the website optimization services for a better visibility and exact results. Developing the website search engine friendly gives great returns.

We have On-site and Off-site optimization.

On-site optimization:

As its name suggests On-site optimizationit's about what is on your site. Here we go with HTML designContentKeywordstitlemeta tagsalt tagsinternal link structurebrowser compatibility and page load time.

Website on-site optimization will take 5-10 days (depending on the no of pages) including with the following activities.

  • Meta ContentMeta DescriptionKeyword Analysis and finalization.
  • Creating Web Analytics account and tracking code for the website.
  • Creating Webmaster Tools account and html tracking code.
  • Generating XML and HTML Sitemapsand submit into the website.
  • Creating Robots.txt files and submits it into the website.
  • Creating Initial Search Engine Ranking report.
  • Images and Links optimization.
  • RSS Feed generation and submission.
  • W3 validations of website.

Off-site optimization :

This is all about how you promote your website. The various different strategies which can be implemented to help grow your links are link exchange article directoriesblogssocial bookmarkingpress releasesclassified ad creation and postingforum posting and video sharing.

Directory Submissions:

Submitting the URL to many sites is one of the most effective ways to optimize a website. Directories help in improving Google Page Rank and bringing the web traffic to the targeted website. We will submit targeted website into different directories to build the links to the targeted website in a month.

Article Submissions:

We will choose popular article submission sites and then submit articles with relevant anchor text linking back to the targeted website to obtain good back links. Articles with unique content are constantly and always crawled by search engine bots. Sofor this purpose we can submit the articles into several articles submission sites in a month.

Social Book Markings:

Visitors usually searching for the relevant information or websites what they need on the search engine. Somillions of people literally use the social book sites for their requirement. Soif we submit the website link into that social book mark sites list by selecting suitable keywords with relevant categories. Sowe can do the relevant book marks by giving targeted website link.

Press Release Submissions:

The purpose of Press Release submission is quite common in the field of public relations. The main theme is to attract the favorable media/people attention to the public relations and provide publicity for product or services marketed by the clients. Based on the data you provided to uswe can do the submissions on monthly basis.

Classified Ad Creation and Posting:

According to our client services/applicationswe can post online classifieds in the local classified portalswhich can help to the client to get some popularity in the local market.

Forum Posting:

We can choose and do the forum postings and participating in related forum discussions also. Based on your monthly plan we can serve you better.

Video Sharing :

If you are having any video clippings or any other infothen we can share it on social networking sites and any other related site.

SEO is an effective process by which it may be a better quality of traffic attracted to your website that can be generated by improving your web position in search engines. Specific ROI of SEO services is actually incalculable because SEO is very time dependent. The methods of SEO are countlessbut our SEO experts have extensive knowledge and experience is a variety of methods to improve the ranking of search engines and reduce valuable time.

We are a professional SEO company that offers a full range of services in the Internet business creationpromotion and support. Professional SEO services include working to make high-end market research analysisdiagnosisand the site as it is to create a SEO friendly websitewhile maintaining the relationshipthe Internet has played a campaign ad and development web solutions.